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Response to Intervention Service Delivery Options

Response to intervention (RTI) is an assessment procedure that consists of a multi-step approach to progressively intensive intervention and monitoring within general education for purposes of improving achievement outcomes and accurately recognizing students with learning disabilities. Components of the RTI process include universal screening, multi-tiered levels of support, evidence-based intervention, and using students responsiveness to evaluate the status of their progress (Jenkins, Schiller, Blackorby, Thayer, Tilly, 2013). Universal screening measures for students are not likely to result in definite identification for special education. Before students are placed they must be correctly identified with a precise assessment†¦show more content†¦For this class the teachers also incorporate technological advancements into the reading curriculum by implementing computer programs that teach phonic and language awareness with sight word decoding and recognition. The comput er programs are particularly useful for providing positive incentives for the students as they view instructional games as rewards for accomplishments in classroom tasks; therefore the students continue to learn, independently, in addition to their work in class with their peers and teacher. In regards to the reading program it is appropriate for each special education and at-risk student. The reading program is implemented with specifications acquiescing to their individual education programs (IEP), and recommended reading levels. Although the students are working together in a small group in the second tier of the intervention process, each student progresses according to individual achievement based on goals designated in their IEP, and teacher recommendations based on their current reading grade level. The individual responsiveness of each student determines whether they transition to the third tier of the RTI process, or if they are able to appropriately progress at the current level of intervention. Presently, the two at risk students have maintained the status quo, not progressing sufficiently, and haveShow MoreRelatedPolitics Of Policymaking : Comparative Perspectives, Fall 20151398 Words   |  6 PagesAssignment # 1: Politics of Policymaking: Comparative Perspectives, Fall 2015 Name: Pragya Dewan | UNI: pd2490 To: Head of UNDG-Syria (all UN agencies) Re: Moving from an emergency driven humanitarian response to long-term strategic management of the Syrian refugee crisis From: Dr. Amena Al-Diri, Strategic Advisor to OCHA-Syria Date: 21st September 2015 Executive Summary Background and Problem Definition A combination of factors in Syria, including but not limited to Bashar al-Assad sRead MoreAcupuncture And Its Effects On The Body1150 Words   |  5 Pagesregions on the body would lead to therapeutic outcomes. According to (cite), more women prefer the options of non-pharmacological, or natural, interventions during their labor and delivery. These women are seeking options, such as acupuncture, because they are regarded to be safer, simpler, and less costly when compared to pharmacological, or un-natural, pain management labor and delivery interventions. Acupuncture is also proven to effectively reduce the time of labor, which can positively influenceRead MoreArgument Against Military Intervention For Humanitarian Relief1693 Words   |  7 PagesARGUMENT AGAINST MILITARY INTERVENTION FOR HUMANITARIAN RELIEF An understanding of where the Syrian healthcare system stood before the civil war, the toll of the fighting and intentional targeting of medical personnel/infrastructure, ongoing humanitarian efforts, and America’s actions to date enable an informed evaluation of whether or not to use American military forces in a humanitarian assistance role in Syria. This context allows for an examination of the limitations of humanitarian aidRead MoreLong Term Care Healthcare Delivery1379 Words   |  6 PagesLong-term care healthcare delivery will be a great/popular option for many of these senior citizens. The long-term care healthcare delivery system falls within the continuum of care. The continuum of care is a series of heath care services that are provided to a great number of older adults who are in need of them throughout the course of their life/older life. The care ranges from: personal care, custodial care, restorative care, skill nursing care, and sub acute care (Shi Si ngh, 2012). DifferentRead MorePersonal Experience : An Email Driven Communications Platform For Designing Content1068 Words   |  5 Pagescontact-list management to streamline content delivery and interaction tracking. The platform is further supported through API, Google Analytics, and other industry application integration, providing a platform capable of meeting the needs of small to enterprise-sized businesses. Segmentation – Static and Dynamic Campaigner’s segmentation capabilities allow for targeted emailing by demographics. Dynamic segmentation allows users to tailor and automate responses based on any number of characteristics,Read MoreImportance Of Airtel And Reliable Service Essay1013 Words   |  5 Pages Scope of present report: With the above information, the importance of PHR and reliable service by eHealthManager-PHR is apparent to the knowledge. The objective of this report is to present the importance of opening for the service venture in India. Hence, the benefits and adjunct information is necessary to show before CEO for required revenue investment and management of resources. More precisely the risk factors, benefits, recommendation according to local health patterns and cost-benefit analysisRead MoreLack Provision Of Health Services2068 Words   |  9 PagesAdequate provision of health services in low and middle-income countries poses a considerable challenge to governments of the same. Global health policy is currently shifting from centering around older top-down and vertical disease programmes, to more horizontally integrated programmes that are re-focusing on Primary Health Care. ‘Community participation’ is a popular concept, where involvement of the community is considered one o f the â€Å"foundational principles â€Å" of Primary health care (Bath andRead MoreIntroducing The Internet Into The Therapeutic Relationship1366 Words   |  6 Pagespracticing MFTs perceive regarding online counseling to couples? Web-based Couples Therapy Interventions Though internet-based interventions for couples are available as preventative measures like advice websites for relationships and enrichment sites for satisfied dyads (Cicila et al., 2014), most couples counseling deals with resolving relationship issues for couples. As such, the focus of the interventions detailed below addresses those useful to that type of couples. Cicila et al. included severalRead MoreCritically Analyse The Key Factors Involved On A Successful Delivery Of Health Care?1659 Words   |  7 Pagesinvolved in translating policy into practice to achieve successful delivery of health care?† â€Æ' â€Å"Critically analyse the key factors involved in translating policy into practice to achieve successful delivery of health care?† To deliver better care and outcomes, there is a need for evidence-based policy to be implemented successfully (1). Policy change can achieve impacts and sustainability beyond what is possible through standalone services or projects (2). Designing a policy and then translating itRead MoreThe Level Of Activity At The National Level Essay1366 Words   |  6 Pageshigh. There are many healthcare policies, initiatives and trends that will affect the delivery of healthcare locally, nationally and globally in the future. Healthcare costs alone are rising due to emerging high end technologies, global pandemics (with increased international travel), and the continued increase in numbers of the aging population (which traditionally has shown a higher use of healthcare services). Protocols for medical practice are emerging due to the push for evidence based practice

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