Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Managing with Integrity Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Managing with Integrity - Research Paper Example Steward mangers identify with high moral developments, unlike agents. Consequently, they not only disregard their personal interest, but also forego interest of their organizations to meet people’s needs. They therefore promote welfare of employees and the entire society (Martynov, 2009). This approach to decision making mirrors the concepts of a servant leader in variety of ways that include â€Å"motives and intentions,† â€Å"means and methods,† and â€Å"ends and outcomes† (SanFacon and Spears, 2008, p. 9). The servant leader for example has a self-motivated and automatic desire to serve others and this mirrors the steward-manager’s moral obligation to meet the society’s needs. The drive in a servant leader to develop potentials for rendering services is also similar to the steward-manager’s desire to meet his moral obligations to the society. Similarly, the steward manager’s disregard of organizational interest to focus on the society’s well being is similar to the servant leadership concept that organizations should benefit people instead of exploiting them. A steward manager and the concept of servant leadership also share similar objectives (SanFacon and Spears, 2008; Martynov, 2009). A steward manager would be successful in the global business world because of two factors, the ability to interact with and manage diversity through critical thinking and the moral drive to meet social expectations. While the moral manager is different from the agent manager, morality does not negate managerial skills. The steward manager is therefore able to interact with people in different cultural and ideological frameworks to achieve his or her desired objectives. The gained morality of the manager also facilitates interaction with other members of the society who will be able to identify and respond to the manager’s good social

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